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GRIMANI (BOLOGNA)   See in tree


Girolamo Grimani   (15?? - 16??)

Diamante .......   (15?? - 16??)

They lived in San Giovanni in Persiceto, 20 km north-west of Bologna, and had three children:

Lucia Grimani was baptised 19 October 1611.

Francesco Grimani was baptised 5 June 1613.  He married Lucia Cantori and had two children, Giovanni Battista (1653) and Francesca Maria (1656).

Giacinto Grimani  See next.

The surname is also spelt Guarmani and Guarmandi at this stage.

Giacinto Grimani   (16?? - 17??)

Giacinto married three times.  All of the children were baptised in San Giovanni in Persiceto.
His first wife was Lucia ....... by whom he had one child, Maria Margherita, baptised 4 April 1656.
His second wife was Serena ....... by whom he had four children, Giuseppe Maria, baptised 21 July 1666, Giuseppe Maria, baptised 4 September 1667, Paolo Antonio, baptised 7 June 1669 and Sabbtina, baptised 20 December 1670.

Lucrezia Silingardi   (16?? - 17??)

Lucrezia was Giacinto's third wife.  They were married in San Giovanni in Persiceto 27 April 1671 and had three children:

Giovanni Andrea Grimani was baptised 18 September 1672.  See next.

Giuseppe Maria Grimani was baptised 23 September 1673.

Domenico Maria Grimani was baptised 1 March 1675.

One of these last two became a Celestine monk with the name of Don Pietro and died at Monteacuto Ragazzo.

Giovanni Andrea Grimani   (1672 - 1723)

Giovanni was baptised in San Giovanni in Persiceto 18 September 1672.  He became a Doctor of Law, lawyer and lecturer at the University of Bologna from 1696 until his death.   He wrote several legal works as well as some poetry and a wedding song for the marriage of Senator Piriteo Malvezzi, Marquis of Castel Guelfo, to the Marquise Artemisia Magnani in 1696.   He died 7 January 1723, aged 50, and was buried at the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Bologna.

Maria Margherita Vitalini   (1680 - c.1720)

An accomplished violinist and a Baroque composer of several religious works and a short opera which were performed at the Hoftheater and the Hofburgkapelle in Vienna (1713 - 1715).   She also spoke French fluently and translated works from French into Italian more information.  If the dates are correct, she died aged 40.

Their children were all born in Bologna:

Giacinto Antonio Giuseppe Grimani was born 21 June 1706.  He died 26 August 1707, aged 14 months

?????? Lucrezia Anna Grimani was born 5 June 1707, a twin.

Angela Maria Teresa Grimani was born 5 June 1707, a twin.  She died 25 October, aged 3 months.

Ignazio Leopoldo Melchiorre Grimani was born 31 July 1709.  See next.

Elena Maria Cunegonda Grimani was born 11th March 1711 and died two weeks later.

Ignazio Leopoldo Melchiorre Grimani   (1709 - 17??)

Ignazio was born in Bologna 31 July 1709.

Angelica Michela Maria Fabbri   (      -       )

Angelica was the daughter of Giacomo Fabbri.  She is believed to have been French.

They were married at S. Michele del Mercato di Mezzi, Bologna, 5 April 1728.

Their children were all born in Bologna:

Eustachio Gaspare Grimani was born 3 January 1729.  There are reasons to believe this is the same person later know as Gasparo Grimani.

Giovanni Andrea Grimani was born 20 October 1732.  He became a priest.

Giuseppe Gaetano Nicoḷ Melchiorre Andrea Grimani was born 30 November 1735.   The godparents were Count Pietro Antonio Arfelli and Marquise Maria Violante Malvasia Spada, the latter represented at the ceremony by Countess Maria Ginevra Legnani Ferri Malvasia.

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