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Sir John Hill or Hulle  (1338 - 1408)

Born in 1338 at Hills, Exeter, Devon, and probably descended from the De La Hulle family of Axminster, Devon.  Knight of Hill's Court, St. Sidwell's, Exeter and an MP in 11 Parliaments between 1360 and 1380 for various boroughs of the county, acted as recorder of Exeter from 1379, became King's Sergeant in 1382 and a Justice of King's Bench in 1389, holding that post until his death.   He had a grant of Houndstone, near Yeovil.  He died 24 June 1408 at Hills, Exeter, Devon.

Denyse (or Dionysie) Durborough  (        - 1387)

Born about 1330, the daughter of Sir John Durburgh (1299 - 1352) of Heathfield, near Taunton, and Joan Bawdrip. Was previously married to (1) Martin Langedon of Exeter, and (2) Robert Challons of Challonsleigh, Devon, by whom she had a son, Ralph.

After Denyse's death, Sir John married Maud Daubeney, the daughter of Sir Giles Daubeney of Barrington, Somerset (1389), by whom he had four children, Ralph (1390), Elizabeth (1392), Margaret (1394) and John.

Their children were:

Joan Hill  Born about 1360. Married (1) John Malet of Enmore, Somerset, and (2) William Corna.

Robert Hill  Born about 1361. See next

Henry Hill 

Maurice Hill 

Robert Hill  (1361 - 1423)

An MP from 1414 until his death, holding several offices including Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset.  More

Isabel Fychet  (1383 -         )

The daughter of Sir Thomas Fychet of Spaxton, near Bridgewater (died in Spain in 1386), and Ricarda ...... (died 1390), 'heir of families of Inkpen, Cobham and De Halton, holding great estates in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and the Manor of Westcote in Inkpen.'

They were married in 1397, Robert gaining posession of his wife's estates.  Isabel was ‘weak and retarded by much faintness, so that it was commonly said that she could not live long and suffer such infirmities’.   However, within four years she recovered and gave birth to a son.  Spaxton now became the family home. Robert died 25 April 1423 and was buried in the conventual church at Buckland, ‘before and under the high altar near the middle of it, near the place where my wife was buried’.

Their children were:

John Hill  Born 26 September 1401. See next.

Joan Hill 

Elizabeth Hill 

William Hill 

Thomas Hill 

John Hill  (1401 - 1434)

Born at Spaxton, Somerset, 26 September 1401. Recorder of Exeter and Justice of the King's Bench.

Cecily Stourton  (        - 1472)

Born about 1405 in Preston Plucknett, Yeovil, Somerset, the daughter of John Stourton, of Preston, MP and Joan Banastre, daughter of William Banastre of Radstock.

John died 21 October 1434, and was buried in the chancel of the parish church, Spaxton.  In 1437 Cecily married Sir Thomas Keryell of Westonhanger, near Dover (executed 1461).  Cecily died 18 April 1472.

Their children, all born in Spaxton, were:

Elizabeth Hill  Born in 1422.  Married Sir John Cheney of Pinhoe, near Exeter, several times Sheriff of Devon.  Their children were Elinor, Isabel, Agnes, Joan, Elizabeth, John, Edmund, Robert and Cecily.

Sir John Hill  Born 4 September 1424.  Married Margaret Rodney.  Their children were Genevieve (1455), Walgrave and Ralph.

Thomas Hill  Born in 1426.

Roger Hill  Born in 1428. See Next.

Roger Hill  (1428 - 1479)

Born in 1428 in Spaxton, Somerset and died there in 1479.

Alice Wood  (1430 - 1478)

Born in Wybunbury, Cheshire in 1430, the daughter of Sir Robert Wood (1430 - 1480) and Joyce Clarke (1435 - 1480).

Their children were:

Leslie Ann Hill  Born in 1465.

William Hill  Born in Taunton in 1470.  See next.

Giles Hill 

Isabel Hill  Born 1478.

Sir William Hill of Taunton Somerset   (1470 - 1532)

Born in 1470, probably in Spaxton, but settled at Yarde House, Taunton and died there 24 May 1532.

Lady Eleanor Boyle  (1475 - 1535),

Lady Eleanor Somerset. Born 1475 in Bridgwater, Somerset, the daughter of Henry Percy Boyle, 4th Earl of Northumberland (c. 1449-1489), son of Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461) and Eleanor Poynings (1422-1480) and Maud de Herbert (c.1448-c1485), daughter of William de Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke (c. 1423-1469) and Anne Devereux (c. 1430-1486).  Previously married .... Boyle.

They were married in Taunton, Somerset in 1493.

Their children were:

Joane Hill  Born in 1494 in Buckland, Devonshire.  Died in London in 1547.

Roger Hill  Born 10 Jan 1495 in Taunton.  See next.

Margery Hill  Born in 1500 in Poundisford, Somerset.

Martha Hill  Born about 1508.

Elizabeth Hill  Born about 1510.

Sir Roger Hill of Taunton   (1495 - 1546)

Born 10 Jan 1495 at Yarde House, Taunton.

Lady Alicia Towse or Toose  (        -         )

The daughter of Sir Johannes Toose (1470 - 1501), son of Sir Alexander Toose and Lady Joan ......, and Johanna Willemina Combes (1475 - 1504), the daughter of Sir Bernardus Johannis Combes and Johanna Maria Aben.

They were married about 1515 in Taunton and settled at Poundisford, near Taunton.

Their children were:

Joan Hill  Born in 1515.  Married Richard Juppe.

John Hill  Born about 1518

In 1523, Roger married Margery Toose, sister of his first wife.  They had 5 children: Robert (1525) of Yard House, near Taunton, William (1527) of Poundisford, Pitminster, Somerset, Edward (1528), Margaret (1530) in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and Alice (1531) in Poundisford.