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John Osborne*  (         -        )

John may have had a sister, Joan, who married John Ponder 20 October 1544, and a brother, Walter, who married Alice Wakham 24 January 1550, both in Horsham.

Elizabeth Ive   (         - 1567)

They were married in Horsham, Sussex, 2 November 1550.  Elizabeth died shortly after the birth of their eleventh child (all daughters), leaving her husband with possibly nine children, the eldest just 14.   She was buried in Horsham 24 June 1567.  Six years later, 20 July 1573, John married Gillian Broke, nee Saunders, widow of Peter Broke, and had two more daughters, Alice (1574) and Gillian (1576).   John may have died in 1588.

The children were all born in Horsham.

Joan Osborne* was baptised 11 August 1551 and was buried 5 November the same year.

Agnes Osborne* was baptised 3 September 1552.  She married Thomas Jupp.

Joan Osborne* was baptised 6 August 1553 and presumably died in infancy.

Joan Osborne* was baptised 27 October 1554.

Alice Osborne* was baptised 14 August 1556.  She married Richard Champion in Horsham 26 August 1578.

Sarah Osborne was baptised 18 February 1558.

Elizabeth Osborne was baptised 7 April 1560.

Margaret Osborne was baptised 14 March 1562.

Marjery Osborne was baptised 25 April 1563.  She married Thomas Foster in Horsam 21 July 1589.

Mary Osborne was baptised 22 July 1565.

Jane Osborne was baptised 3 March 1567.

*These names appear to be entered as Alsborne in the parish records.