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Fred Martin

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(Sir) John Kent Osborn  (1411 - 1467)

Elizabeth  (        -         )

Their children were:

William Osborne

Peter Osborne   Born at Tyled Hall, Latchingdon, Essex c. 1440. See next.

(Sir) Peter Osborne  (1440 - 1493)

Born c. 1440 in Tyled Hall, Essex. Died c. 1493 in Purleigh, Essex

(Lady) Eme Essex  (1444 - 1500)

Born in Essex in 1444, possibly the daughter of Baron John de Bourchier (1415 - 1474), 1st Baron Berners, M.P. and Margery Berners (1418 - 1475). Died in Purleigh, Essex in 1500

Their children were:

Richard Osborne   Born at Tyled Hall, Latchingdon, Essex in 1463. See next.

Rachel Osborne  

Sir John R Osbourne of Ashford   Born 1468 in Ashford, Kent. Married Lady Wilhelmina Osborne. Died about 1503 in Ashford, Kent.

William Osborne  

(Sir) Richard Osborne  (1463 - 1545)

Born in 1463, in Tyled Hall, Essex. Died Essex 1545

(Lady) Anne Caeston  or Cawston (1466 - 1535)

Born about 1466 in Purleigh, Essex. Died Essex 1535.

They were married in Essex in 1488.

Their children were:

Richard Osborne   Born at Tyled Hall, Latchingdon, Essex in 1490. See next.

John Osborne  

(Sir) Richard Osborne  (1490 - 1544)

Born Tyled Hall, Latchingdon with Snoreham, Essex 1490

Elizabeth Coke  (        - 1524) (Lady Elizabeth Coke)

Possibly born in 1491 in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, the daughter of Sir Robert Coke of Sparham (1480 - 1517) and Lady Ann Woodhouse

They were Married in Mileham, Norfolkshire in 1520. Elizabeth died in Nov 1524. Richard died in 1544

Their children were all born at Tyled hall, Latchingdon, Essex:

John Osborne   Born 1517. See next.

George Osborne  Born 1520

Ann Osborne  Born 1521

Peter Osborne  Born 1521. Married Anne Blythe. An MP in seven parliaments between 1559 and 1589. Keeper of the Privy Purse to King Edward VI. Imprisoned in Queen Mary's reign. Remembrancer in the Exchequer under Elizabeth I. He died in 1592

Richard Osborne  Born 1522

Martha Osborne  Born 1524

Johanne Osborne  Born about 1524

John Osborne  (1517 - 1597)

Born at Tyled Hall, Latchingdon, Essex in 1517. Died at Poynings, West Sussex, 12 September 1597

Susanna Sarah Ann .....  (1524 - 1591)

Duchess of Kent??? Born in 1524 in Poynings, Sussex, where she also died. She was buried Sep 21 1591

The children were alll born in Poynings.

Edna Osborne  Born c. 1541. Married Osborne Smith

John Osborne  (Duke of Ashford, and Kent II) Born 1543. Died Poynings 1616

Elizabeth Osborne  Born about 1549. Married first, Richard Bettenson of London, and secondly Archer Breame, of Halstead, Essex.
Alice Osborne  Born about 1551
Agnas Osborne  Born Poynings, Sussex, 1 January 1554. Married Thomas Jupp.