Martin Family Tree

Compiled by
Fred Martin

Each page of this website is devoted to a different surname, and starts with the earliest generation.

No names of living persons appear on any page.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is related to any person mentioned here.  If you have your own family tree website I will willingly include a link from mine to yours.  Please write to me.

My wife's ancestry

Starosta, Dreger, Stewart, McFarlane, Ower


Main surnames:

Martin (Sussex - Cowfold, London - Peckham, Kent - Hayes, Dundee)
Saville (London - central and S.E., Kent - Hayes)
Golding (Suffolk - various)
Grimani (Various UK, also in Bologna and Venice)

Other ancestral surnames:

Abbot (Suffolk - Hadleigh)
Abbot (Suffolk - Bildeston)
Abbott (Suffolk - Thorpe Morieux)
Abbutt (Suffolk - Kersey)
Adames (Suffolk)
Anderson (London)
Atkin (Suffolk - Felsham)
Baker (Sussex - Shipley)
Bales (Suffolk - Groton)
Barker (Suffolk - Hunston)
Barkque (Suffolk - Wortham)
Barlow (London)
Barnard (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Barty (London - Bermondsey)
Batelie (Suffolk - Eye, Wortham)
Bateman (Suffolk - Brettenham)
Batt (Suffolk - Rattlesden)
Boyce (Sussex - Chichester)
Brooks (Sussex - Shipley)
Browne (Suffolk - Hundon, Keddington)
Browne-Smith (Suffolk - Bildeston, Lavenham)
Bullock (Suffolk - Cavendish)
Caeston / Cawston (Essex - Purleigh)
Callis (London - Marylebone)
Castle (London - Covent Garden)
Charles (Buckinghamshire, Great Marlow)
Clark (Suffolk - Layham)
Cobbold (Suffolk - Gt. Barton)
Coke (Norfolk - Mileham, Essex - Latchingdon)
Comper/Cumper (Sussex - Ashington)
Cooper (Sussex - Ashington)
Death (Suffolk - Cavendish)
Deathe (Suffolk - Lavenham)
Derisley (Suffolk, Cambridgeshire)
Dolman (Sussex - Chichester)
Dykes (Suffolk - Hitcham, Buxhall)
Dykes (Suffolk - Lavenham)
Edwards (Yorkshire?)
Essex (Essex - Latchingdon, Purleigh)
Forrest (London)
Foulger (Norfolk - Diss)
French (Suffolk - Cavendish)
Gander (Sussex - Cowfold)
Garner (Suffolk - Groton)
Gatwood (S.E. London)
Gladwell (Suffolk - Lavenham, Preston, Felsham)
Hale (London - Cripplegate)
Hall (London - Cripplegate)
Hall (London - Marylebone)
Hanner (Norfolk - Diss)
Harding (Berkshire - Bisham)
Harrison (Suffolk - Thorndon)
Hicks (Suffolk - Layham)
Hill (Berkshire - Hurley)
Hill (Somerset - Taunton)
Holtermans (Netherlands)
Hull (Suffolk - Bildeston)
Hunt (Sussex - Billinghurst)
Hurst (Yorkshire?)
Hyll (Sussex - Horsham)
Illman (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Ive (Suffolk - Hundon)

Jacob (Suffolk - Buxhall, Rattlesden)
Johnson (Suffolk)
Jupp (Sussex - Shipley)
Kensett (Sussex - Shipley)
Kilby (London)
Knapp (London)
Laker (Sussex - Shipley)
Laramandi (London - Holborn)
Laws (London - Stepney)
Littlefield (Suffolk - Bildeston)
Loftin/Lofting/Loftinck (Netherlands, London, Berkshire - Great Marlow)
Lotherington (London - Stepney)
Martin (Suffolk)
Mattlow (Suffolk - Wortham)
McLoughlin (Donegal - Buncrana)
Miller (London - Newgate)
Moor(e) (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Newman (Sussex - Shipley)
Northcroft (Berkshire - Newbury)
Nunn (Suffolk - Stanningfield)
Osborne (Essex - Latchingdon, Sussex - Poynings)
Padgett (Suffolk - Lavenham)
Parker (Suffolk)
Parker (Sussex - Cowfold)
Pearson (Suffolk - Gt. Barton)
Perkins (Suffolk - Stanningfield)
Pinnek (Berkshire - Hurley)
Pochin (London)
Pollard (Sussex - Cowfold)
Rafe (Suffolk - Naughton)
Rand (Suffolk - Cavendish)
Reed / Read (Suffolk)
Rushbrook (Suffolk)
Sampson (Bucks. - Marlow)
Schuurmans (Berkshire - Great Marlow)
Selden (Sussex - Climping)
Shaw (Sussex - Cowfold)
Smith (London)
Smyth (Suffolk - Felsham)
Sparrow (Suffolk - Stansfield)
Stegall (Suffolk)
Stephens (Suffolk - Buxhall)
Stevens (Bucks. - Marlow)
Streater (Sussex - Shipley)
Stroud (Bucks. - Marlow)
Strutt (Suffolk - Buxhall)
Stubbs (Norfolk - Diss)
Sturgeon (Suffolk - Rattlesden)
Tapsett (Sussex - Chichester)
Thomson (Suffolk - Higham-by-Nyland)
Thurlow (Diss, Norfolk)
Tiffen (Suffolk - Stanningfield)
Tyner (Suffolk - Lavenham)
van Bevervoorde (Netherlands)
Vince (Suffolk - Layham)
Wagner (London - Holborn)
Walker (Berkshire - Bisham)
Warner (Suffolk - Buxhall)
Warren (Suffolk- Thorndon)
Weller (Somerset - Ashcott)
Westropp (Cambridgeshire - Kirtling)
Woody (Suffolk - Buxhall)

Other surnames appearing:

Abbot (Suffolk - Cavendish?)
Ackrell (Plymouth)
Adams (Suffolk - Benhall)
Allcock (Suffolk - Rattlesden)
Ansell (Suffolk - Higham)
Arkell (Gloucestershire - Bibury)
Ayre (?)
Barnett (Somerset - Ashcott)
Basse (London)
Bettenson (London)
Betts (Suffolk - Cockfield)
Beuckelman (Netherlands)
Bloome / Blome (Suffolk - Horsham)
Blythe (Essex - Latchingdon)
Boyce (Suffolk - Haughley)
Breame (Halstead, Essex)
Brewster (Suffolk - Hawkeden)
Brooks (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Brown (London?)
Brown (Sussex - Cowfold)
Browne (Sussex)
Bruce (Suffolk - Cockfield)
Buckingham (Buckinghamshire - Bisham)
Burns (Ireland, Australia)
Cantori (Italy - Bologna)
Carter (Sussex - Cowfold)
Carter (Buckinghamshire - Great Marlow)
Chalice (Suffolk - Chevington)
Challis (S.E. London)
Cook (Sussex - Henfield)
Cooke (Suffolk - Layham)
Cooper (Dumfriesshire, Australia)
Cooper (Suffolk - Horsham)
Coombs (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Comber (Suffolk - Horsham)
Coquor (Sussex - Shipley)
Crane (London - Deptford)
Daking (Suffolk - Layham)
Davie (Sussex - Horsham)
Davis (Sussex - Shipley)
Day (Suffolk)
Deal (Suffolk - Stoke-by-Nyland)
Deeks (Suffolk - Poslingford , London - Paddington)
Deeks (Suffolk - Glemsford)
Deeks (Suffolk - Hadleigh)
Deeks (Suffolk - Layham)
Dempster (Suffolk - Felsham)
Dickerson (London - St Pancras)
Drake (Suffolk - Gedding)
Duff (Sussex - Midhurst)
Eagle (Suffolk)
Edes (Sussex - Billinghurst)
Edgar (Suffolk - Rougham)
Edgar (Suffolk)
English (Sussex - Steyning)
Erith (Suffolk)
Evans (London - Deptford)
Fabbri (France - Lyon)
Fabbri (Italy - Bologna)
Fenne (Suffolk)
Finch (London)
Fisher (Suffolk - Woolpit)
Fivens (Sussex - Shipley)
Foice (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Ford (Suffolk - Gt. Waldingfield)
Fuller (London)
Gatford (Sussex - Henfield)
Gault (Suffolk - Rattlesden)
Glasscock (Suffolk)
Goacher (Sussex - Itchingfield)
Godley (London)
Gorbild (Suffolk - Rattlesden)
Gordon (Australia)
Gowers (Suffolk - Onehouse)
Gray (Suffolk - Horsham)
Gunnel (Buckinghamshire - Great Marlow)
Harper (Suffolk - Cockfield)
Haylock (Suffolk)
Hayne (Sussex - Southwick)
Heath (Sussex - Chichester)
Hillman (Sussex - Ashurst)
Holseard (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Hooper (London - Peckham)
Hornby (Yorkshire, London, China)
Howes (Suffolk - Rickinghall Superior)
Howlett (Suffolk)
Hudson (Suffolk - Buxhall)
Hughes (Australia, London - Greenwich, China)
Isaac (Plymouth)
Ive (Suffolk - Stansfield)

James (Suffolk - Cockfield)
Jarvis (Suffolk - Assington)
Johnson (Sussex - Shipley)
King (Sussex)
Langly (Sussex - Henfield)
Lappage (Suffolk - Layham)
Lock (Sussex - Chichester)
Long (Sussex - Stopham)
Longelee (Sussex - Shipley)
Lovett (London)
Major (Suffolk - Newton Green)
Manfield (Sussex - Horsham)
Mansbridge (Sussex - Shipley)
Marsh (Suffolk)
McLellan (Perthshire - Aberfeldy, London - Peckham)
Manfield (Suffolk - Felsham)
Mendham (Suffolk - Fordham)
Merrick (London - Camberwell)
Miles (Sussex - Bolney)
Mills (Sussex - Shipley?)
Moore (Kent - Otford)
Mudd (Suffolk - Layham)
Newnham (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Nicholson (Sussex - Ashington)
Nickerson (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Nolan (Ireland, London)
Parry (London - Islington)
Parson (Sussex - Shipley)
Parsons (?)
Payne (London - Hackney)
Penfold (Sussex - Shipley)
Percival (Sussex - Shipley)
Peyton (Birmingham?)
Philpott (Sussex - Shipley)
Piercy (Sussex - Edburton)
Piggott (Buckinghamshire - Great Marlow)
Plume (Suffolk - Stanningfield)
Pollard (Sussex - Cowfold)
Pond (Essex - Foxearth)
Pool (Suffolk)
Pooley (Suffolk - Felsham)
Price (London)
Ramsey (London)
Randall (Sussex - Shipley)
Ray (Suffolk)
Read (London)
Realff (Sussex - Ashington)
Relton (Suffolk - Cavendish)
Ripper (London - Southwark)
Ritches (London - Stepney)
Ross (Bucks. - Marlow)
Roulin (Hitcham, Suffolk)
Ruffle (Suffolk)
Scrivener (London)
Sergeant (London - Peckham)
Serjeant (Sussex - Itchingfield)
Shackleford (S.E. London)
Shaw (Kent - Hayes)
Shaw (Suffolk)
Shrimp (Suffolk)
Silingardi (Italy - Bologna)
Smith (Ireland - Strabane)
Soper (Sussex - Henfield)
Spink (Suffolk - Woolpit)
Steele (Sussex - Cowfold)
Steere (Sussex - Horsham)
Still (Sussex - Nuthurst)
Stiff (?)
Stone (Plymouth)
Stringer (Sussex - Southwick)
Thorpe (Suffolk)
Tilbrook (Suffolk - Mildenhall)
Timperley (Suffolk)
Traice (London)
Turner (Sussex - Burton)
Turner (Suffolk - Layham)
Twitchet (Kent - Beckenham)
Vitalini (Italy - Bologna)
Vuagneux (London - St Pancras)
Ward (Suffolk - Assington)
Wayman (Kent - Hayes)
Wells (Sussex - Cowfold)
White (London)
White (Suffolk - Redgrave)
Williams (Sussex - Wisborough Green)
Wood (London - Marylebone)
Wood (London - Deptford)
Woodhouse (Norfolk - Sparham)
Woolgar (Sussex - West Grinstead)
Woolridge (Sussex - Wiston)
Young (UK actor)

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