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Thomas Bateman  (c.1586 - c.1623)

Thomas may have been the son of James Bateman and Thomasyne Harvye.

Elizabeth Martin  (        -         )

Elizabeth was the daughter of Peter Martin.

They had at least one child:

Thomas Bateman was born in Lavenham, Suffolk, 18 March 1612.  See next.

Thomas Bateman  (1612 - 1672)

Thomas was born in Lavenham 18 March 1612.

Prudence Edwards  (1655 -         )

Prudence was born 9 Febrary 1622 in Aspall, Suffolk, the daughter of William Edwards and Elizabeth Hurst.

They were married 7 September 1637 in Brettenham, Suffolk.  Thomas was 25, Prudence was only 15.  Thomas died there in February 1672, aged 59.

Their children were born in Brettenham:

Thomas Bateman was born and died in 1638.

William Francis Bateman was born 29 March 1642.  See next.

Anna Bateman was born 7 November 1644.

William Francis Bateman  (1642 - 1689)

William was born 29 March 1642 in Brettenham.

Ann Harrison  (1644 - 1725)

Ann was born 15 April 1644 in Brettenham, the daughter of John Harrison and Maryen         , and granddaughter of John Harrison.

They were married 17 September 1672 in Preston, Suffolk.  William died in 1689.

Their children were all born in Brettenham:

Anne Bateman was born 1672.

John Bateman 

Elizabeth Bateman was born 15 July 1677.

William Bateman was born 27 October 1682.

Mildred Bateman was born 15 May 1686.  She married George Gladwell.