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N.B. There is a tree on taking the Gravelys back to 1520 and other branches going back much further, one to the year 875!  I have not tried to verify any of this, since Jane Gander's birth has not been confirmed.

Thomas Gander   (        - 1782)

Susanna Gravely  (1713 - 1784)

They were married in Itchingfield, Sussex, 12 July 1731.  Thomas died in Cowfold in 1782 and was buried 8 August, Susanna died there in 1784 and was buried 7 June.

Their children were all born in Cowfold:

Martha was baptised 17 December 1733.  She married Thomas Beaytup in Cowfold 8 January 1753. Their children were John (1753), Thomas (1756), Elizabeth (1758), Mary (1760), Richard (1762), Thomas (1765), Elizabeth (1767) and Mary (1772).

Elizabeth (Betty) was baptised 2 February 1736

Thomas Gander was baptised 22 May 1738.  See next.

Mary Gander was baptised 23 November 1740.  She married Thomas Steele in Cowfold 23 October 1765. Their children were Ann (1766), Mary, Elizabeth, Edward, Thomas (1771), Ann (1776), Richard (1777) and Jane (1781).  Mary died in 1820.

Thomas Gander  (1738 - 1792)

Thomas was born Cowfold 22 May 1738.

Mary Pollard  (c.1738 - 1826)

Mary was born about 1738 and was living in Shipley at the time of her marriage.

They were married in Shipley, 18 January 1763.  Thomas died in Henfield, Sussex and was buried in Woodmancote 31 January 1792.  Mary died in Henfield in 1826, aged 88, and was buried there 11 January.

Their children were:

Henry Gander was baptised in Cowfold 2 February and buried 7 February 1763.

Thomas Gander was baptised in Woodmancote 5 October 1766.

James Gander was baptised in Woodmancote 19 February 1769.

William Gander was baptised in Woodmancote 6 September 1772.  He married Hannah Stoner there 15 April 1805.  Their children were Jane (1810), William (1812), Charles (1815) and Mark (1818).

Jane Gander was born about 1778 (from her age on the 1841 census and when she died).  She was living in Cowfold at the time of her marriage.  No record of her birth or baptism has been found but this family looks the most likely, given the connection with Cowfold, and William's daughter (above) may have been named after her.  She married John Martin ***.

Henry Gander was baptised in Woodmancote 8 July 1781.