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John Martin (next) was possibly bap. Cowfold 19.10.1672, the son of Ockenden Martin (17.6.1632 - 16.6.1712) and Mary Holseard (siblings Jane 11.1.1663 and Thomas 14.10.1666). Ockenden Martin was the son of Thomas Martin (20.12.1607 - 11.4.16??) and grandson of Dennis Martin and Marye Browne.

John Martin   (1682 - 1745)

Born in 1682 at Henfield, Sussex.

Mary Moor(e)   (16?? - 17??)

They were married in West Grinstead 18 September 1712. Their eight children were all baptised at Henfield. John was buried there 4 November 1745.

Their children were:

Richard Martin   Bap. 14 March 1714. See next.

John Martin   Bap. 24 March 1718. Wife's name Sarah (possibly Sarah Piercy and married 17 March 1745 in Edburton). Their children were: Harry (1746), Elizabeth (1748), and John (1749 died in infancy).

Ann Martin   Bap. 14 May 1720.

Thomas Martin   Bap. 7 September 1722. Died aged 17 in 1740.

William Martin   Bap. 31 March 1725. Married Elizabeth Gatford at Henfield 22 September 1748. Their children were: Thomas (1750), John (1752), William (1754 died in infancy), Elizabeth (1755), Charles (1756), Ann (1758 died in infancy), George (1759), Mary (1763) and William (1764).

Mary Martin   Bap. 21 July 1727. Died in infancy. Buried 11th April 1728.

James Martin   Bap. 15 February 1729.

Peter Martin   Bap. 1 December 1732. Died in infancy. Buried 26 January 1733.

Richard Martin   (1714 - 1773)

Bap. at Henfield, Sussex, 14 March 1714.

Sarah             ( ?? - 1773)

Possibly Sarah Hayne (marriage 30 April 1736 at Southwick). Sarah Hayne baptised Henfield either 27 November 1710 to John and Sarah Hayne or 10 July 1713 to John and Mary Hayne.

Both died in 1773. Richard was buried 10 February, Sarah 22 July, both at Henfield. He was 59. Their seven children were all baptised at Henfield.

Their children were:

Richard Martin   Bap. 14 June 1736. Married Mary Cook at Henfield, 27 December 1756. Their children were: William (1758), Pheobe (1761), Mary (1763), Ann (1765) and Richard (1768 - died in infancy). Mary died 1770 and Richard married Mary Langly in Henfield, 7 January 1779. Richard died 1807.

Charles Martin   Bap. 21 January 1739.

Michael Martin   Bap. 22 September 1746. See next.

Sarah Martin   Bap. 15 April 1749. Died aged 3 months.

James Martin   Bap. 21 march 1752.

Frances Martin   Bap. 19 January 1755.

Sarah Martin   Bap. 16 October 1758. Married Thomas Soper at Henfield, 22 January 1784.

Michael Martin   (1746 - 1797)

Born at Henfield, Sussex, 22 September 1746. Married and died in Henfield but also lived in Cowfold.

Sarah Newman ***   (1752 - 1823)

Bap. Shipley, 2 February 1752.

Would appear to have been still alive at son John's second marriage in 1813 (aged 61).

They were married 9 May 1775 at Henfield, Sussex. He was 28, she was 23. Michael was "of the parish of Cowfold"; Sarah was "of this parish". The two children below were born in Cowfold. Michael died aged 50 and was buried 7 June 1797 at Henfield. Sarah died aged 72 years on 16 March 1823 and was buried along with her husband, daughter and granddaughter.

Their children were:

Sarah Martin   baptised 4 November 1778. Married James Pollard, at Cowfold, 14 February 1802. Three daughters: Sarah (1802), Frances (1804) and Mary Martin (1806)

John Martin ***   baptised 12th December 1784. See next.

John Martin ***   (1784 - 1859)

Baptised 12th December 1784 at Cowfold, Sussex. Married twice.

His first wife was Hannah Davie. They were married at Horsham, 11th July 1805. They were both 20 years old. They had two children : John, bap. 20 September 1807, and James, bap. 26 June 1809. (John married Louisa Brown in 1827 and had 2 children, John, 1827, and William, 1829.) Hannah died at the age of 26 and was buried at Henfield, 18 March 1811.

Jane Gander   (177? - 1848)

Born about 1778, probably in Cowfold.

They were married at Cowfold 25 October 1813. John was now 28, Jane was about 34. The witnesses at the wedding were John's sister Sarah and her husband, James Pollard. The four children below were all born at Cowfold. John's occupation is given as "farmer" in 1814, 1816 and 1817 but "labourer" in 1820. He was a "road surveyor" in 1844. His signature frequently appears in the Cowfold church register as witness to several marriages.

Jane died at Cowfold aged 69. She was buried 10 September 1848.

After Jane's death John is found living with his son, Richard, in Cowfold. On the 1851 census his occupation is given as "surveyor of highways and paid constable" (aged 66). He possibly moved to Slaugham with Richard's family, and died in 1859 at Cuckfield Union, aged 75. Buried 20 November 1859.

Their children were:

Jane Martin   Bap. 20 March 1814.

Richard Martin   Bap. 21 January 1816. Lived at Beeding, Cowfold (Foices Cottages) and Slaugham (East End Lane). Married Lucy Carter (Cowfold, 13 April 1844). Children:- Mary (1845), George (1848), Louise (1850), Ann (1852), William (1854/5), Charles (1857), James (1859) and Henry (1864). Richard died between 1864 and 1871. Lucy married William Shaw in 1873.

Hannah Martin   Bap. 31 August 1817.

Charles Martin ***   Bap. 25 June 1820. See next.

Charles Martin ***   (1820 - ?? )

Baptised 25 June 1820 at Cowfold, Sussex. Farm labourer. Living and working at Wallhurst Farm, Cowfold in 1851.

Mary Shaw ***   (1834 - ?? )

Baptised 6 May 1834 at Cowfold. Living at Foices Cottages, Cowfold in 1851 (cf. Charles' brother, Richard).

They were married at Cowfold Parish Church, 30 August 1851. Charles was 31, Mary was 17. They had ten children, all born at Cowfold. The address was Burnt House in 1861 and 1871. (This house was still inhabited in 1984. picture) In 1878 they lived at Westlands, West Grinstead. In 1881 the address was God's Hill Cottage, Cowfold. Charles died between 1881 and 1891 (1885?). In 1991 Mary was housekeeper to George Laker (widower)'s family at Dragon's Green, Shipley. She was also with George Laker in 1901 at Worth, East Grinstead.

Their children were:

Mary Ann Martin   bap. 30 Nov 1851

William Martin   bap. 20 Aug 1854. Married twice. His first wife was Ann Mary Still (b. 1849, mar. Nuthurst 1874) by whom he had five children:- Charles William (1875, died in infancy), Maria Harriet (1876), Elizabeth Mary (1878), Matilda (1880), and George Henry (abt. 1882). Ann died in 1883. His second wife was Jane Stringer (b. 1853). They were married in 1885 and lived in Southwick, Sussex, where William was a tram driver. There were six children by this marriage:- Rosina (1886), Lilian Mary (1888), William Leslie (1890), Alfred Thomas (1892), Henry James (1894) and Leonard Maurice (1895). William died May 1908. Jane died February1909.

Sarah Martin   bap. 17 April 1857. Died aged 2 weeks.

Jane Martin   bap. 20 Feb 1859. Married Harry Wells at Cowfold in 1877. Five? children :- Louisa (1877/8), William H. (1879/80), Elizabeth (1883), Thomas, Harry. Living with mother and father in Cowfold in 1881.

Henry Martin   bap. 15 December 1861. Gas fitter. Wife Olive. Lived in Southwick (Brighton) and Portslade. 3 children :- Kate (abt. 1888), Frederick (abt. 1891), Ruth (abt.1895).

John Martin ***   Born 16 January 1865. See next.

Elizabeth Martin   bap. 28 June 1868. Married Thomas Parsons. Children.

Charles Martin   bap. 17 February 1871. Smith / engineer. Lived in Leatherhead. Wife Annie.

James Martin   bap. 29 June 1873. Gas works labourer. Wife Catherine. Lived at Southwick and Portslade, near Brighton. One child - Marjory. James is listed as deaf in 1901.

George Martin   Born 6 April 1878. Wife Rose. 2 daughters. Served in WW1.

John Martin ***   (1865 - 1933) picture

Born 16 January 1865 at Burnt House, Cowfold, Sussex, where he was a farm labourer at the age of 16. In 1891 he was boarding at Southwick, Sussex, where he was working as a general labourer. Shortly after this he went to London and worked there as a horse-drawn tram driver. Known as Jack. His address in 1894 was 11 Staveley Road, Peckham.

Ellen Golding ***  picture  (1872 - 1959)

Born 26 February 1872 at New Lodge Farm, Kenny Hill, near Lakenheath in Suffolk. She went into domestic service, in Auchincruive, Ayrshire, at Langleybury Mansion in Hertfordshire (1891) and then in London. Later she and her sister, Priscilla, ran a coffee shop in Asylum Road, Peckham. Known as Nellie. Her address in 1894 was 201 Asylum Road.

It was at the coffee shop, frequented by tram drivers and conductors, that Ellen and her sister met their husbands. Jack and Nellie were married 7 November 1894 at St. Jude's Church, Peckham. He was 29, she was 22. They lived at 31 Whittington Road and at Burchell Road, Peckham. Jack dabbled in herbal remedies and this was blamed for his 'going a bit funny'. One night in 1933 he was taken away forcibly to the Cane Hill Mental Hospital in Coulsdon, where he died on 11 November the same year at the age of 68. Nellie continued to live in Peckham until the last of the family (John) was married. After this she moved back to Suffolk, where she lived with her widowed sister, Kathleen, in the Post Office at Holywell Row, near Mildenhall. In 1949 she went to live in Dundee with her son Cecil and family and died there on 4 October 1959, aged 87.

Their children were:

Albert Edwin Martin  picture  Born 25 August 1896. Married twice. First wife - Hilda G Ayre, married 1922 in Camberwell. One son, Reginald Edwin (1923). Divorced. Second wife - Amy Lillian Merrick (1939). Lived at Farm Close, Coney Hall, Kent. Worked as a railway signalman, and died at work 19 April 1941 during an air-raid. Buried at Coney Hall, West wickham. A daughter, Iris Edwina, was born (1941) after his death.

John Martin  picture  Born 1899. Married Florence E Ripper (had a daughter, Dorrie) in Southwark 1934. Lived all their lives in Peckham. No issue.

Winifred Theophilla Ellen Martin Born 1901. Died aged 3 months. (Theophilla, or Theo, was a friend of the family).

Cecil Owen Martin ***   Born 10 December 1904. picture See next.

Cecil Owen Martin ***   (1904 - 1986) picture

Born 10 December 1904 at Burchell Road, Peckham, SE London, where he lived until he was married. Attended Leo Street School, but his education was interrupted by the outbreak of the first world war. He became an engineer, but found himself out of work at the time of the depression. Worked as a sound effects man (1926/27) on silent films and also touring with a theatrical company. In "Mr Cinders", starring Bobby Howes and Binnie Hale, Cecil played a chauffeur and drove a car onto the stage (1928/29). He became a lorry driver for the Remington Cash Register Co. in London.

Gladys May Saville ***   (1905 - 1991) picture

Born 27 November 1905 at Aspinal Road, Brockley. Also lived at Arica Road, Brockley and 77 Ivydale Road, Nunhead (from 1912). Attended Mantle Road School. Worked for a short time as a shop assistant. Moved to "Hornby", 51 Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent in 1933.

They were married 12th August 1933 (picture) at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Hayes. He was 28, she was 27. They bought a house at 46 Kingsway, West Wickham (with money from the will of Edmund Hornby Grimani). The National Cash Register Co. took over the Remington and Cecil was given a light engineering job in their factory in Marylebone Road. During World War II he did armourments work in the same factory. (He was exempted from active service on medical grounds, having recently undergone an appendix operation.)

In 1944 they moved to "Hornby", the house till then owned by Gladys' parents. In 1946, when the N.C.R. opened their new factory in Dundee, Cecil was asked to move there. The family joined him the following year and lived in a council house at 19 Helmsdale Place, Kirkton, until 1952 when they bought their own house at "Lyndhurst", Errol Road, Invergowrie (picture). Cecil's mother lived with them from 1949 to 1959.

Every summer they motored to the south of England - at that time the journey took 18 hours or more - to visit Gladys' parents at Herne Bay. They went abroad for the first time in 1972 (aged 67 and 66) to visit their son and his family in Germany. They flew several times to Germany for the same purpose (1978 - 1982).

Cecil never liked his name and chose to be known as "Cyril" when they move to Scotland. He reached the position of job-foreman, and retired from the N.C.R. in 1969. His interests were fishing, gardening and amateur radio. Gladys made teddy-bears and other soft toys. He died suddenly at home 23 April 1986, aged 81. After this Gladys' health deteriorated. She lived for a time at St. Margaret's Home, Victoria Road, Dundee, then at Ashludie Hospital, Monifieth, where she died 8 November 1991, almost 86 years old.

Cecil and Gladys had two children, four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

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