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William Golding   (16?? - 1708)

Lived at Houghton Hall*, Cavendish, Suffolk.

Rose Ive   (1636 - 1675)

Born 29 April 1636 at Hundon, Suffolk.

They were married 19 February 1656 at All Saints Church, Sudbury, in the presence of Abraham Ive and John Golding. Rose died July 1675, shortly after the birth of their last child who also died a few months later. William died in 1708.

They had nine children, all baptised at Cavendish:

Rose Golding   Married Phillip Erith 28 February 1677. A daughter, Rose. A son, Abraham, died 1683.

Robert Golding   Married Frances Eagle 17 April 1686. Their children were: Robert (1687), Frances (1689) and William (1692).

Mary Golding   Born 16 September 1660. Married William Abbot 4 March 1678. Sons:- William, Matthew, Abraham.

William Golding   Born 28 October 1662. See next.

Abraham Golding   Born 5 December 1664. See next.

Anne Golding   Born 8 January 1667. Married John Pond. Foxearth, Essex.

Martha Golding   Born 24 June 1669. Married Thomas Eagle 1695. A daughter, Martha.

Susan Golding   Born 29 November 1671.

Elizabeth Golding   Born 25 May 1675. Died 7 December 1675, aged 6 months.

* Houghton Hall was the name of the manor where the Goldings lived. They did not live in the manor house itself. There is evidence of Goldings living at Houghton Hall much earlier than this. In a will made in 1585, John Fenne, Clothier of Clare, leaves 30 shillings to his sister, Roger Golding's wife, of Houghton Hall for a ring.

William may have been born at Long Melford 12 June 1631, the son of Robert and Elizabeth Golding, with a brother, John.

William Golding   (1662 - 1738)

Born 28 October 1662. Lived at Houghton Hall, Cavendish, Suffolk.

Sarah Rand   (16?? - 1734)

They were married in 1683. Living at Cavendish in 1714. William died in 1738, and Sarah 4 Dec 1734 both at Cavendish.

Their children, all baptised at Pentlow, Essex, were:

Sarah Golding   Born 10 August 1683.

Mary Golding   Born 17 March 1684.

Ann Golding   Born 16 May 1687. Married Jeffrey Ruffle 24 August 1710.

Martha Golding   Born 6 September 1689. Married Thomas Shaw 10 October 1710.

William Golding   Born 14 July 1693. Died aged 1 month.

Rose Golding   Born 14 July 1693. See next.

Thomas Golding   Born 6 September 1699.

Susan Golding   Born 29 June 1706. Married George Pool.

Elizabeth Golding   Born 25 April 1706.

John Golding

Abraham Golding   (1664 - 17??)

Born 5 December 1664 at Cavendish, Suffolk.

Elizabeth French   (16?? - 16??)

The daughter of Thomas French, died 1695, and Elizabeth ..., died 1713, both at Cavendish.

They were married 18 December 1688. Abraham was 24. Living at Somerton 1714. Abraham was described as a yeoman at that time. ?Abraham died 1711?

Their children were all baptised at Cavendish:

Abraham Golding   Born 28 May 1689. Married Anne Shrimp (1689 - 1738). A daughter, Ann (1713). A son, Abraham. Died Boxted 6 September 1767, aged 78.

Thomas Golding ***   Born 11th November 1690. See next.

William Golding   Born 6 January 1693. Died aged 3 weeks.

Elizabeth Golding   Born 24 April 1694.

Rose Golding   Born 27 October 1696.

William Golding   Born 28 October 1698.

Alice Golding   Born 31 May 1702.

Thomas Golding ***   (1690 - 17??)

Born 11th November 1690 at Cavendish. Living at Cavendish in 1714.

Rose Golding   (1693 - 17??)   See above

Born 14 July 1693. Living at Cavendish in 1714.

Thomas and Rose were cousins - their fathers were brothers. They were married 22 April 1714. He was 23, she was 20. They lived at Chedburgh and Stansfield and had seven children:

Their children were:

Thomas Golding   Died 3 January 1741.

Elizabeth Golding   Born 26 September 1722 at Chedburgh. Married George Ford of Great Waldingfield 1 June 1749 at Stansfield.

Abraham Golding ***   Born 22 April 1724 at Chedburgh. See next.

Suzanna Golding   Died 1727.

Sarah Golding   Born 16 July 1730 at Stansfield.

William Golding   Born 14 January 1737 at Stansfield. Married Sarah Glasscock 7 April 1768. A son, Thomas, was born 1768.

John Golding

Abraham Golding ***   (1724 - 1785)

Born 22 April 1724 at Chedburgh, Suffolk. Later lived at Stansfield.

Amy Sparrow   (1728 - 1808)

Born 1728, the daughter of George Sparrow (died Ousden, Suffolk, 1779) and Grace Derisley. Her siblings Sarah and Cawdwell were both baptised at Wickhambrook 5 June 1732. She was living in Stansfield in 1750.

They were married at Wickhambrook 20 July 1750. He was 26, she was 22. Abraham died 11th August 1785, aged 61. Amy died 5 January 1808, aged 79.

Their children were:

Abraham Golding   Born 30 May 1751. Married twice. Lived at Stansfield. First wife Mary Ray, married 25 January 1776. Second wife Mary Day, married 10 October 1786. Their children:- Amy, Elizabeth, James (all baptised 3 April 1789), James (1790) - died aged 2 months, and George - died 1794.

George Golding   Born 14 June 1753.

Thomas Golding   Born 11th July 1755.

Amy Golding   Born 9 June 1757. Married John Brewster of Hawkeden 16 March 1778.

Rebeccah Golding   Born 15 July 1760. Married John Ive on 5 February 1783 at Stansfield. Their children were William Golding (1784), Mariah (1785), James (1787), Sarah (1790), John (1791), Simon (1794), Edward (1795) and Joseph (1798).

William Golding   Born 1 June 1762. Married Susan Deeks at Glemsford on 12th October 1801. A son, William, was born 1802.

Samuel Golding   Born 27 December 1764. Shoemaker. Married Ruth Relton at Cavendish on 28 July 1795. Their children (baptised at Cavendish) were: Martha (1795), Samuel (1796), Sarah (1799), Harriot (1802), Ruth (1804), Mark (1807), Martha and Elizabeth (1815).

Elizabeth Golding   Born 4 April 1768.

Cordwell Golding ***   Born 5 October 1769. See next.

Cordwell Golding ***   (1769 - 1847)

Born 5 October 1769 at Stansfield, Suffolk. Farmer, living at Hawkedon in 1800.

Sarah Pearson Castle ***   (1780 - 1854)

Born 1780 in London.

They were married at Great Barton 27 June 1800. He was 30, she was 21. Their children were all baptised at Ixworth, but they later lived at Norton (1827), where they farmed, employing two servants (1841). Both died at Norton, Cordwell on 11th January 1847, aged 77, and Sarah on 25 February 1854, aged 73. Both were buried at Great Barton.

Their children were:

John Golding   Born 1800. Died 28 December 1819, aged 19.

William Golding   Born 22 August 1803. Farmer at Dalham with 2 servants. Married twice and died 17 June 1878. First wife Marianne Major (1810 - 1833), married 22 November 1832 at Newton Green. One daughter:- Ellen (1833). Second wife Sophia Edgar (1810 - 1868) of Rougham, married 6 November 1834. Twelve children:- Edgar (1835), William (1837), Sarah Jane (1838), Elizabeth (1839), Harriet (1841), Julia Ann (1843), Joseph (1844), Sarah (1845), Ellen Sophia (1846), Mary Sophia (1850), Louisa Agnes (1851) and Anna (1853).

Edward Golding ***   Born 22 July 1807. See next.

Pearson Golding   Born 21 February 1814. Lived at Tollesbury, Essex. Died 13th January 1879. Had one base child by Elizabeth Stiff, baptised Pearson Golding at Norton 7 November 1834. Married Harriet Edgar (1814 - 1878) on 12th November 1838. Twelve children:- Harriet (1839), Walter (1840), Frederick (1841), Elizabeth Sarah (1842), Samuel (1843), John (1845), Samuel (1846), Henry (1848), Anna (1852), William Edwin (1854), Pearson (1855) and Agnes Mary (1857).

Edward Golding ***   (1807 - 1866)

Born 22 July 1807 at Ixworth, Suffolk. Living at Norton in 1827. Farmer.

Mary Ann Vince ***   (1806 - 1871)

Born 8 November 1806 at Layham, Suffolk, out of wedlock, and baptised 26 April 1807, after her parents had married.

They were married 1 June 1827 at Layham parish church. She was 20, he was 19. They farmed at Boxted (Boxted Lodge) from 1828 until at least 1841 (with one servant). In 1861 they were at Higham, but also had a farm at Haughley. Edward died at Higham 22 August 1866, aged 59. Mary Ann then went to live with her daughters, Mary Ann and Ellen, and a maid, at 2 Mill Street, Mildenhall (now Lloyds Bank). She died there 12th July 1871 aged 64, and was buried beside her husband at Higham.

Their children were:

Edward Golding   Born 20 July 1827. Died 14 December 1827, aged 5 months.

Mary Ann Golding   Born 1828. Did not marry. Lived at Mildenhall with her sister, Ellen. Possibly lived in Yarmouth after her sister's death, since she made her will there. (Her cousins, Sarah and Anna, lived in Yarmouth). She died 17 January 1892 and was buried with her parents at Higham.

Walter Golding ***   Born 23 July 1831. See next.

Arthur Golding   Born 22 February 1833. Farmer at Haughley in 1861 (his father's farm). Married twice. His first wife Elizabeth Harriet Fisher. Married at Woolpit 12th October 1865. One son:- Arthur Fisher (1866). She died 20 July 1867, aged 27. Second wife Clementina Hannah Adams. Married at Benhall 13th April 1871. Three daughters:- Ada (1872), Ellen (1874) and Rosa (1875). They lived at Crossways Farm, Elmswell. Arthur, who was a brickmaker as well as a farmer, died 5 August 1875, aged 42, and was buried next to his first wife at Woolpit. Clementina died 20 July 1876, aged 37, and was buried at his feet.

Ellen Golding   Born 1834. Did not marry. Lived at 2 Mill Street, Mildenhall with her sister, Mary Ann. Died there 15 January 1887.

Alfred Golding   Born 23 September 1836. Farmer at Norton. Married Emma Howlett. Their children:- George (1862), Charles James (1863), Mary Louisa (1865), Ellen Elizabeth (1867), Edward (1869), Annie (1872), Ernest (1873) and Lucy (1876). In the 1881 census Alfred is a widower living in the Union Workhouse at Ipswich.

Eliza Ann Golding   Born 5 March 1837. Died 12th May 1837, aged 16 weeks.

Eliza Ann Golding   Born 8 October 1838. When her father died in 1866 she inherited the farm at Haughley, where she lived with her brother, Alfred. She married Walter Savage Boyce at Haughley, 21 August 1867 and had two children:- Walter Golding (1868) and Mabel Florence Louise (1872).

Walter Golding ***   (1831 - 1915) picture

Bap. 23 July 1831 at Boxted, Suffolk. Said to have been educated at King George School at Bury St. Edmunds but this not documented. Enjoyed hunting.

When Walter was 27 he married Georgina Deeks who was born in Marylebone, London in 1835 (baptised 12th July), the only child of George Deeks, auctioneer, and Catherine Harper, who were married in 1834 at St. Martin in the field, Westminster and lived at 136 Westbourne Tce., Hyde Park (Paddington), London. George Deeks was born 24 November 1798 at Poslingford, Suffolk, the son of George Deeks and Mary Golding. He died 22 October 1871 in Wood Green, London. Catherine Harper was born in Cockfield, Suffolk, 4 Jan 1805, the daughter of William Harper and Elizabeth James.

Georgina was 24 when they were married at Bradfield Combust, 31 March 1859. They lived at Loft Farm, Cockfield, a farm of 110 acres owned by Georgina's father. One servant, Eliza Ann Gladwell, lived with them.

In August 1860 the servant gave birth to Walter's baby. In the 1861 census Walter is living at Loft Farm with the servant and their baby. Georgina is in London with her parents.

Georgina died of TB on 9 April 1863 at Westbourne Tce. "after severe illness brought on by great anxiety of the mind" according to the announcement in a Suffolk newspaper. Walter's servant was now expecting their second child.

Eliza Ann Gladwell ***   (1838 - 1911) picture

Born 22 March 1838 at Cockfield, the illegitimate child of John Tiffen. In 1841 she was living with the Tiffens but her mother was not there.

They were married two months after the death of Walter's first wife. They went to London and were married at St. Leonard's parish church, Shoreditch on 3 June 1863. She was 25, he was 32. The marriage certificate gives Walter's occupation as 'butcher' and their address as Holywell Street, Shoreditch, but neither were true.

Presumably Georgina's father made Walter leave Loft Farm. In October the following year they were at Potash Farm in Donkey Lane, Lawshall. But Walter was not a successful farmer and he got into financial difficulties. When his father died in 1866 he left money invested for Walter who could draw the interest but the capital had to remain untouched until his death when it was to be divided equally among his 'legitimate' children. In the 1871 census Walter is at Lawshall, but 'out of business'. The same year he was accused of indecently assaulting a 16-year-old girl who lived on the same farm, for which he was fined 5 plus costs.

He then moved to New Lodge Farm at Kenny Hill, known as 'The Fifties' because it was 50 acres. Here the family grew to nine, but Walter was no more successful than at his previous farms, and by 1881 he was working as a farm labourer. They now lived at Holywell Row in a cottage to the rear of the Post Office, owned by Mr. Haylock. Two of the children later married Haylocks. In 1901 Eliza was a laundress.

Eliza Ann died 31 October 1911 aged 73, and Walter on 24 February 1915 aged 83. Both were buried at Beck Row.

Their children were:

Harry Gladwell Golding   Born August 1860 at Cockfield. Christened Harry Golding Gladwell but later called himself Harry Gladwell Golding. A stone-mason or bricklayer, he lived at Swaffham and married Amelia Tilbrook in 1895 at Mildenhall. One son - Cyril Edward (1898). Died August 1945

Willie Gladwell Golding   Born August 1863 at Cockfield. A coachman at 18. Went to London to become a tram conductor. Married Catherine Gertrude Sergeant 8 November 1893 in Peckham. No issue. Later lived at Barton Mills, Suffolk, where he died 8 January 1938

Priscilla Mary Golding  picture  Born 30 October 1864 at Lawshall. Servant in Mildenhall vicarage at 16. Also worked as a cook at Langleybury Mansion in Hertfordshire, and as a servant in Peckham, London, before opening a coffee shop in Asylum Road there with her sister, Ellen. There she met her husband, John Nolan, an Irishman who was a tram-driver. They were married 30 May 1894 in Peckham and had one son - Jack. Her husband left her and went back to Ireland. She went to live in her parents' cottage at Holywell Row, and later with her son at Barton Mills. She died there 12th December 1949.

Arthur John Golding  picture  Born 26 April 1867 at Lawshall. A bricklayer / builder and also a horticulturalist and nurseryman. Lived at Fordham, near Newmarket. Received the R.H.S. Gold Medal for his 'Goldingensis Scabious'. Married twice. First wife, Elizabeth Haylock, m. 12th January 1889. 3 chidren:- Fritz Gerard (1892), Maurice Jack (1894) - went to Australia and changed his name to James Gordon - and Lilian Mildred. Second wife, Amelia Mendham, m. 5 August 1898. One daughter - Olive (1899). He died 6 February 1958 at Fordham, Cambridgeshire.

George Edward Golding   Born 9 December 1869 at Lawshall. A butcher in Peckham and later in Birmingham. Married twice. First wife, Catherine McLellan of Aberfeldy, Perthshire, m. 14 July 1894 in Peckham. Five children:- George Edward (1894) - went to live in Aberfeldy, Catherine McNaughton (1896), Alexander Ernest (1898), Peter John McGregor (1901) - father of John Golding, M.P. for Newcastle-under-Lyme (1969-1986), and Priscilla Ellen (1906). George's first wife died in 1920. He married Rose Peyton in 1924 and died in Birmingham 14 February 1938.

Ellen Golding ***  picture  Born 26 February 1872 at New Lodge Farm. Married John Martin ***

Kate Martha Golding  picture  Born 1874 at New Lodge Farm. Married William Haylock in 1896 and lived in the Post Office at Holywell Row (picture). Five children:- Reginald William (1898), George Edward (1899), Doris Irene (1902) - known as Dolly, Donald (1903) - worked the 'Fifties Farm' which had once been his grandfather's, and Vera Winifred (1906) who emigrated to U.S.A. Kate died at Holywell Row 17 December 1966 at the age of 92.

Ernest Albert Golding   Born 1876. Died 29 December 1894, aged 18.

Walter Gladwell Golding   Born 1879. Lived in Peckham, London, and died there, unmarried, 16 September 1908, aged 28.

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