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James Shaw


There was a James Shaw married an Ann Turner in Burton, 3 April 1801. The family was probably as follows and there may have been more, but there was another James and Ann Shaw in Cowfold with children born 1815 onwards, so we can't be sure they are all our family.

Mary Shaw   b.3 October 1801 at Shermanbury

Lydia Shaw   b. 11 March 1803 at Cowfold

Elizabeth Shaw   b.15 April 1804 at Cowfold

Henry Shaw   b.30 March 1806 at Cowfold

William Shaw   b.29 January 1809 at Cowfold. See next.

James Shaw   b.17 February 1811 at Cowfold, married Elizabeth ....? 8 children: Amelia (c.1836), James (1838), Mary Ann (1840), William (1844), Richard (1844), John (1846), Elizabeth (1848), Henry (1850)

Ann Shaw   b. 21 February 1814, at Cowfold, died aged 9 mths.

William Shaw   (1809 -         )

Born 29 January 1809 at Cowfold. Farm labourer

Sarah Parker ***   (1813 -         )

Bap. 20 April 1813 in cowfold.

They were married at Cowfold on 20 September 1830.

Their children were:

Sarah Shaw   (1832) died aged 1 month

Mary Shaw ***   Born 6 May 1834. Married Charles Martin ***.

William Shaw   (1836) died aged 3 weeks

After Sarah's death, William married Lucy Martin, 3 May 1873, at Slaugham and lived at Bett's Folly, Slaugham.

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