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John Saville   (        -        )

Sarah             (        -        )

Their children were:

Thomas Saville  Born 30 June 1719 in London. See next.

Thomas Saville   (1719 -        )

Born 30 June 1719 in London. Carpenter in Bermondsey, London.

Mary Barty   (1710 -        )

Born March 1710 in Bermondsey, London.

They were married in Fleet Prison 21 July 1739. (It is iunderstood it was cheaper to be married in the prison than in church.)

Their children were:

Mary Saville  Born 7 April 1745 in Bermondsey.

Thomas Saville  Born 17 Nov 1748 in Bermondsey. See next.

Thomas Saville   (1748 -        )

Born 17 Nov 1748 in Bermondsey, London.


Their children were:

Robert Saville   Born 20 December 1775 in Bermondsey, London. See next.

Robert Saville   (1775 - 1842)

Born 20 December 1775 in Bermondsey, London. Carpenter

Susanna Gatwood   (        -        )

They were married 12 July 1795 in Stepney, London.

Their children were:

Thomas Saville   Born 29 May 1800. See next.

Thomas Saville   (1800 - 1835)

Born 29 May 1800. Clerk.

Elizabeth Margaret Dutton Hall   (1804 - 18??)

Born 21 November 1804 in Marylebone, London.

They were married 29 April 1829. He was 28, she was 24. Living in Camberwell (1832). Thomas died 6 October 1835, before the birth of their last child. The family were living in Holborn in 1836. They were at 54 Clifton street, St Pancras in 1851, and at 8 Clara Place, Woolwich in 1861. In 1871 Elizabeth was living at 33 Fish Street hill, Camberwell with her daughter Mary (Payne)

Their children were:

Thomas Saville   Born 9 November 1830, St Pancras, London. Carpenter. Married Jane. Lived in London, also in rugby (1871, 1881). Children: Laura J. (abt. 1857), Walter J. (1860) and Reginald (abt. 1863).

Mary Saville   Born 7 July 1832, Camberwell, London. Married George Payne in Hackney, London, 4 April 1859.

John Hall Saville   Born 16 June 1834, Camberwell, London. Married twice. His second wife was Jane Cooper formerly Quin from Dumfriesshire. They were married in Australia and had two sons, Thomas Charles (1867) and William John. John died in 1900.

Edmund Hall Saville ***   Born 18 march 1836, Holborn, London. See next.

Edmund Hall Saville ***   (1836 - 1900)

Born 18 March 1836 in Holborn, London. Engineer and engine fitter. Also believed to have taught engineering at Goldsmith's Institute, now part or London University.

Charlotte Jane Loftin ***   (1840 - 1928)

Born 4 June 1840 at 14 Green Court, Blackfrairs, London.

They were married 22 December 1861 at Woolwich Parish Church. Both were living at 8 Clara Place, Woolwich. He was 25, she was 21. They also lived at Wellington Street, Woolwich (1863), 22 Princes Street, Lambeth (1864 - 68) and 25 Dorking Road, Deptford (1870 - 81). Charlotte's mother was living with them in 1871 and 1881. Edmund died 12th January 1900, aged 63. Charlotte was living with her son George and family in 1901. She lived to the age of 88 and died as a result of a fire in her home at 21 Corston Street, Deptford on 8 August 1928.

Their children were:

Jane Saville   Born 14 February 1863. Known as Ginny. A teacher. Married Albert Edward Wood 13th June 1886 at Deptford. Had nine children: Albert E (1888), Mabel L (Cissie) (1889), Gertrude P (1890), Florence J (Flossie) (1991), William H, Marguerite E (Ethel), Emily M M (Emmie), Doris S. (Dolly) and Elva May (Bay).

Emily Saville   Born 22 December 1864. Died aged 2 months 24 February 1865.

Edmund John Saville   Born 13th January 1866. Married Alice Evans at Deptford. Two? children: Rosa (abt. 1896) and ?

Elizabeth Saville   Born 28 June 1868. Married John Henry Crane at Deptford 31 July 1892 and lived in Croydon. 4 children:- John Edmund (abt. 1894), Frank (abt. 1896), Percy Henry (abt. 1898) and Stanley Frederick (abt.1905).

Mary Saville   Born 9 December 1870. Married George Edward Moore at Otford, Kent 12th December 1898.

Ada Saville   Born 21 September 1873. Died at 2 years 19 September 1875.

Alfred Saville ***   Born 15 July 1876. See next.

George Saville  picture Born 9 January 1879. Engineer. Married Edith Ellen Shackleford picture 26 December 1898 at Deptford. Seven children:- Winifred Edith (abt. 1900), Albert George (abt. 1902), Leonard Charles (abt. 1904), Reginald Victor (abt. 1907), Ivy Lilian (abt. 1909) died young, Elsie (?) and Sydney (1915).

Alfred Saville ***   (1876 - 1955) picture

Born 15 July 1876 at 25 Dorking Road, Deptford. Also lived at 2 Burchell Road, Peckham. When he left school he and his brother, George, opened a workshop where they made and sold bicycles. Later he became an engineer with the General Engine and Boiler Co. and stayed with them until he retired, reaching the position of foreman.

Elizabeth Emily Grimani ***   (1874 - 1966) picture

Born 10 September 1874 at 44 Bowles Road, Old Kent Road, Camberwell. Also lived in Asylum Road, Peckham and at 2 Burchell Road, Peckham. Attended a small private school. She sang and played the piano, and when she left school she was asked to stay on as a music teacher.

Known as Alf and Bessie, they were married 29 October 1899 at St.Mark's Church, Peckham. He was 23, she was 25. They lived in New Cross at first. Then about 1904 they moved to Brockley - Arica Road and Aspinall Road. Then in 1912 to 77 Ivydale Road, Nunhead, where they lived for 21 years. In 1933 they inherited some money from Bessie's uncle, Edmund Hornby Grimani, who had been Commissioner of Customs in China. They then bought a semi-detached house at 51 Pickhurst Lane, Hayes, Kent and named it "Hornby". They also bought a holiday bungalow on the Kent coast at 13 Sunbeam Avenue (later renamed 2 Crossley Avenue), Studd Hill, Herne bay, and named this "Little Hornby" picture (1938).

When Alfred retired they moved to "Little Hornby". Alfred took an active part in the affairs of the Studd Hill Housing Association. He was a keen gardener. He died in 1955 at the age of 78.

Elizabeth survived her husband by 11 years, living alone on an estate of holiday homes with few winter residents and far from any shops. She died at the age of 92 after being knocked down by a motor car in December 1966.

Both were buried at Herne Cemetery.

Their children (picture) were:

Violet Elizabeth Saville  picture  Born 10 January 1901. An accomplished pianist and singer like her mother. Married William Charles Shaw, Post Office engineer (born in India - his father was in the army there) and lived at 166 Bourne Vale, Hayes. One daughter, Daphne Violet (1923), married Eric Wayman, but divorced without issue, bought "Little Hornby" on the death of her grandmother, and lived there after she retired. Bill died 15 March 1970. Vi also moved to Herne Bay - 9 Cresta Close (across the road from "Little Hornby") in 1983. She died 1992.

Frederick Charles Saville  picture  Born 22 November 1902. Engineer. Married Kathleen Twitchet and lived at 251 Langley Way, West Wickham. One child: David (1946). Fred died June 1961. Kath died 1992.

Gladys May Saville ***  picture  Born 27 November 1905. Married Cecil Owen Martin.

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