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Jan Loftinck   (1600 - 1661)

Jan was born in the Netherlands in 1600 and died in Hardenberg, Overijssel, in 1661.

Greta Holtermans   (        - 1675)

Greta was born in the Netherlands about 1600.  She died in Amsterdam in 1675.

Only one child is known:

Hermann Loftingh was born in Hardenberg in 1622.  See next

Hermann Loftingh   (1622 - 1685)

Hermann was born in Hardenberg, Overijssel, Netherlands, in 1622.  He died in Thuine, Emsland, Niedersachsen (now Germany) in 1685.

Johanna van Bevervoorde   (1626 - 1719)

Johanna was born in Ootmarsum, Overijssel, Netherlands, in 1626.  She died there in 1719.

Their children were:

Reynier Loftinck was born in 1655.  A merchant in Amsterdam, he married Elisbet Beuckelman.  Their children were Pieter, Isaac, Hermann, Femmetijen (1681) and Johannah.

Walter Loftingh was born in 1656 in Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.  See next

Jan Loftingh was born in 1659 in Thuine, Emsland, Niedersachsen (now Germany).  He joined his brother, Walter, in London in the 1670s and became known as John Lofting.  An engineer and entrepreneur, he patented two inventions, the 'sucking worm engine' (a fire engine) in 1690 and a horse-powered thimble knurling machine in 1693.  The sucking worm engine was also used for pumping beer from a cask.   His mill was set up in Islington, London, where Lofting Road is named after him.  In 1699 John and his brother-in-law, Jeremiah Basse, who was Governor of East Jersey, were bankrupted by the Colony of New York.   He believed New York was in the wrong, and a special court was held in Westminster Hall to determine the limits of powers of New York’s legislature.  He won and was compensated by New York.   About 1700, he moved his main operation to Great Marlow in Buckinghamshire to take advantage of the River Thames' ability to turn a water wheel which improved productivity, enabling the production of over 2 million thimbles per year.  He made a bequest of over a thousand guineas to the needy of Marlow.   John had married Hester Basse in 1689 and had a daughter, Maria (1690) and seven sons, John (1692), Francis and William (1694), Benjamin (1695), (Captain) Samuel (1696), Daniel (1700) and Thomas (1709).   Hester died in 1709 and John married Mary Carter the following year.  Their children were Thomas (1711), Mary (1713) and Elizabeth (1714-1714).  Mary died in 1721.   Benjamin and William continued production of thimbles after their father died in 1742, aged 82.

Hiddo Loftinck was born in Utrecht, Netherlands, in 1662.  He came to England as a huguenot, and became a British citizen 1n 1698.

Moritz Loftingh was born in 1664.

Walter Loftingh   (1656 -         )

Walter was born in 1656 in Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands.  He emigrated London around 1670, then moved to Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Geertruid Wolters Schuurmans   (        -         )

They were married 21 January 1677 in Great Marlow.

Only one child is known:

Walter Loftin was born in Great Marlow in 1680.  See next

Walter Loftin   (1680 - 1741)

Walter was born in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire in 1680.

Mary Harding   (1679 - 1741)

Mary was baptised 21 November 1679 in Great Marlow, the daughter of Richard Harding and Alice         .

They were married 14 February 1701 in Great Marlow.  They both died there in 1741 at the age of 61.  Mary was buried 31 October, and Walter a few weeks later on 27 November.

Their children were all born in Great Marlow:

John Loftin was born in 1702.  See next

Walter Loftin was born and died in 1704.

Walter Loftin was born in 1706 and died in 1708.  He was buried 21 August.

Mary Loftin was born in 1709.

Margaret Loftin was born in 1712.

Walter Loftin was born in 1715.  He married Mary Chambers 23 October 1738 in Hughenden, Bucks.  Their children were Mary (1739), Elizabeth (1741), Walter (1743), Annie (1746), Dorcus (1750), Hannah (1753), Susanna (1755) and Maria (1758).

Richard Loftin was born in 1717.  He married Mary Smith 8 August 1743 in Great Marlow.

Thomas Loftin was born in 1725.

John Loftin   (1702 -         )

John was baptised in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, 19 November 1702.

Mary Charles   (1702 - 1771)

Mary was born in Southwark, London, 13 July 1702, the daughter of Richard Charles and Ellenor ........

Mary died in Great Marlow in 1771 and was buried 26 December.

Their children were all born in Great Marlow:

John Lofting was born in 1730 and died the following year.

Mary Lofting was born about 1732.  She married William Gunnel 9 October 1757 in Great Marlow.

John Loftin was baptised 8 Apr 1734.  See next.

Margaret Loftin was born in 1735.

Thomas Loftin was born in 1738.

Sarah Loftin was born in 1741.  She married William Henry Stroud 3 Mar 1778.  Their chldren were John (1778), Richard (1781), Thomas (1785), Mary Ann (1787) and Frederick William (1791).  Sarah died in 1791.

Benjamin Loftin was born in 1743.

Francis Loftin was born in 1746.

Eliza Loftin was born about in 1748.

John Loftin   (1734 - 1782)

John was baptised 8 Apr 1734 in Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Jane Northcroft   (1730 - 1762)

Jane was baptised 18 Aug 1730 in Newbury, Berkshire, the daughter of Joseph Northcroft.  Her siblings, also born in Newbury, were Richard (1720), Thomas (1722), Lucy (1724), Joseph (1726) and Benjamin (1728).

They were married 21 January 1757 in Great Marlow.  John was 22, Jane 26.  Jane died in Bisham, Berkshire, 11 May 1762, just a few months after the birth of their third child.  She was 31.  John died in 1782, aged 47, and was buried 8 April.

The children were all baptised in Bisham:

William Loftin was baptised 4 December 1757.

Ann Loftin was baptised 21 October 1759.

John Loftin was baptised 1 November 1761.  See next.

John Loftin   (1761 - 1835)

John was baptised 1 November 1761 in Bisham, Berkshire.  His mother died when he was only a few months old.

Mary Harding ***   (1763 - 1853)

Mary was baptised 20 August 1763 in Bisham.

They were married in Bisham 17 June 1782.  He was 20, she was 18.

Their children were all baptised in Bisham:

William Loftin was baptised 17 November 1782.

Jane Loftin was baptised 27 February 1785.

Sophia Loftin was baptised 6 November 1796.

Eliza Loftin was baptised 28 January 1799.

John Loftin *** was baptised 16 March 1800.  See next

Eliza Loftin was baptised 20 June 1802.

Benjamin Charles Loftin *** was baptised 3 June 1804.  He married Sarah Ann Stroud in 1826.  They had firstly six daughters, Sarah Ann (1827) ***, Mary Ann (1833) ***, Margaret Susan (1836), Louisa Elizabeth (1838) ***, Jane (1840) and Elleanor Sophia (1842), and then two sons, Charles Benjamin (1846) and Robert William (1848) ***.

John Loftin ***   (1800 - 1859)

John was born 16 March 1800 in Bisham, Berkshire.   He was a smith (and a fireman?).

Mary Stroud ***   (1797 - 1885)

Mary was born about 1797 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

They were married 31 Aug 1822 in Camden, London.  John was 22, Mary about 25.  In 1841 and 1851 they were living at 14 Green Court, Southwark, London.  John died in 1859 in Southwark, London.  Mary lived latterly with her daughter, Charlotte, (1871 and 1881).  In 1881 she was blind.  She died in 1885 in Greenwich, London.

Unless otherwise stated, their children were all baptised in Bisham:

Hannah Sophia Loftin was born about 1823 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.  She married John William Whiley 24 September 1843 at Christ Church, Greyfriars, Newgate, London

Mary Loftin was born about 1824 in Temple, Buckinghamshire.

Eliza Loftin *** was baptised 31 July 1825.  She married John Richard Stroud 20 April 1845 in Lambeth, London.  They had eleven children: Eliza Caroline (1846), Mary Sophia (1847) ***, John and George (1850), Henry (1853) ***, Richard (1856), Luke (1862), Thomas (1863), Jane (1864) ***, Frederick (1866) and Emma (1869) ***.

William Loftin *** was baptised 7 October 1827.  He married Eliza Langley 29 September 1844 in Bloomsbury, London.   Their children were Hannah Sophia (1845) ***, William John (1846), Henry Albert (1848), John (1851), Eliza Jane (1853) and Harriet (1855).   Eliza died in 1865 in Hackney, London.  William died in 1896.

Henry John Loftin was baptised 2 Novenber 1829.

Jane Loftin was baptised 1 April 1832.  She married John Richard Stroud and had at least one daughter, Jane (1864).

Charles Albert Loftin was baptised 23 April 1834.

Richard Loftin *** was born 11 November 1837 in Southwark, London.  He married Maria Piggott.  Their children were Alfred (c.1867), Arthur (c.1869), Walter (1871) *** and Francis (c.1873).

Charlotte Jane Loftin *** was born 4 June 1840 in Blackfrairs, London.  She married Edmund Hall Saville ***.