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John Laws   (c.1741 - c.1818)

John was born about 1741.  He was a ropemaker.

Mary             (        - 1838)

They were married in Walworth, south-east London.  John died in 1818 at Fishmongers Almshouses, Newington, London, aged 77, and was buried 26 July at St Mary, Newington.   Mary died in 1838.

Their children were all born in Newington, south-east London:

Thomas Laws was born about 1778.

Ann Laws was born about 1779.

Henrietta Laws was born about 1783.

George Laws was born 24 February 1792.

Elizabeth Laws was born about 1798.

Benjamin Laws was born about 1798.

Henry Laws was born 21 Feb 1800.  See next.

Edward Laws was born about 1802.  A master mariner.

William Laws was born 20 May 1804.

John Green Laws was a master mariner.  He married Harriet Hannah Traice (1826) and lived in Clapham, London.  Their children were Robert Green Edward (1828), John (1829), Edward Kent (1831) and Harriett (1833).

George Laws was born 4 Feb 1807.

Henry Laws   (1800 - 1880)

Henry was born 21 February 1800 in Walworth.  He was baptised in 1809 at St Mary's, Newington, and was living at Copley Street, Stepney, in 1825.   He was Master Mariner 43021 of the Barques "Nautilus" (1856 to 1863), "Benjamin Greene", "Blanche", and "Devonshire" and the Brig "William Fulcher", sailing to the West Indies.   Henry was the first master mariner to bring Portuguese labourers (from Madeira) to the Island of St. Kitts, arriving on April 16th, 1856.   There were 58 adults for which he was paid £7 each and 48 children at £3.10 each - a total bounty of £574.   N.B. These were not slaves but voluntary immigrants, slavery having been abolished some time before this.

Mary Ann Lotherington ***   (1809 - 1870)

Mary Ann was born in Woolwich, Kent, 18 August 1809 and baptised 13 September 1809.

She was aged 16 (a minor) when they were married.  Her widowed mother gave her consent to the marriage which took place 27 September 1825 at St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London, where the children were also all baptised, except as stated.  They lived at 2 Collet Place, Salmon Street, Stepney (1841), 10 Norway Place, Limehouse (1851), 4 Church Row, Stepney (1861) and at 100 Trinity Green Alms Houses, Bethnal Green (1871).

Mary Ann died in early 1870, aged 60.  Henry died 5 February 1880, aged 79.

Their children were all born in London:

Robert Henry Laws *** was baptised 13 April 1828.  He was Master Mariner of the Barques "Woolhampton Castle" and "Devonshire", sailing to the West Indies and Mauritius.   He married? Louisa Fitzgerald and had three children born in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Anne Caroline (1862), James Henry (1863) *** and Robert Edward (1864) ***.   He married Sarah Ann Fuller in Stepney in 1873.  They lived in Leytonstone and Low Leyton, Essex, and in Tottenham, Middlesex.  Robert died in 1891.   Their children were Louise (1874 in Ireland), Robert Henry (1875) ***, Blanche (c.1876), Arthur (c.1878), Herbert (1881), Sarah and Joseph (both 1884) and Albert (1885).

Lucinda Ann Laws was baptised 8 September 1829.  She married Samuel Lovett, also a master mariner, 16 October 1847 in Stepney, London.   They had at least one daughter, Rosannie Jemima Emily (1857).

James Henry Forest Laws was born about 1832.  He married Eliza Ramsey in Stepney 2 July 1857.  Their children were Mary Ann Eliza (1858), Louisa (1860), Henry (1863), Amelia (1868) and Emily (1871).

Mary Ann Laws was baptised 10 March 1833.  She died unmarried 27 September 1855.

Emily Jane Laws was baptised 17 August 1834.  A dressmaker, she married Samuel Harper Riches, a law stationer, at St. Dunstan's, 8 Sept 1858.  They had four sons, Henry Edward. (1864), Charles (1867), Edward (1868) and Frederick J. (1870).

John Laws was born 10 June 1836 and baptised 18 November 1838 at Saint Dunstans, Stepney.

Henry Laws was born 8 October 1838 and baptised at St Luke's, Finsbury.

Edward William Laws was baptised 26 July 1841 at St. Anne, Limehouse.  A mariner, first mate, he married Sarah Jane French in TowerHamlets, London, 23 Nov 1871.   Their children were Amelia Mary Harriet (1872), Cyril Edward (1874), Edward William (1876) and Henry george (1873).  Edward died in 1887.

Henrietta Laws *** was born 20 June 1846, a twin.  She married Charles Grimani ***.

Angelina Laws was born 20 June 1846, a twin.  A milliner, she married Charles Fuller, a printer, known as "the Frenchman". They lived in Leytonstone and Mile End, London.   Their children were Margaret (1877), Edith (1879), Charles (1880), Olive(1888), Jessie and Clive (both 1889).

Joseph Laws was born in 1849.  He lived in Bethnal Green, London, and died unmarried in 1901.

Mary Ann Laws was born 10 June 1853 and baptised 27 September 1855.

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