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LOTHERINGTON   See in tree


Thomas Lotherington  (        -         )

Ann .........  (        -         )

Their children were:

Robert Lotherington was born 25 March 1788.  See next.

Ann Lotherington  

Robert Lotherington  (1788 - 1822)

Robert was born in Shoreditch, London 25 March 1788.  He was a master mariner and a freemason.

Mary Ann Forrest ***  (1788 - 1870)

Mary Ann was born in Shoreditch 25 March 1788.

They were married at St Mary, Rotherhithe, London, 11 October 1808.  They were both 20 Years old.  Robert died in 1822, aged about 34.   Two years later, in 1824, Mary Ann married Thomas Scrivener at All Saints, Poplar, London, 28 March.  They had four children, Caroline, Joseph Henry, Sarah and Jemima.   Mary Ann died in 1870 and was buried at Tower Hamlets Cemetery, London, 16 December.

Their children were all born in south-east London:

Mary Ann Lotherington *** was born in Woolwich, Kent, 18 August 1809.  She married Henry Laws.

Ann Lotherington *** was born 3 November 1811.  She married Edward Laws in Stepney, London, in 1828. Their children were Edward (1833), Nancy Ann (1835) *** and Elizabeth Evans (1840).

Emily Lotherington was born 20 February 1819.  She married William Airey in 1841.

Camila Lotherington was born at 8 Holywell Street, Westminster in 1819.

Robert John Lotherington was born at 8 Holywell Street, Westminster in 1821.  A coppersmith, he married Catherine Godley in 1822.  They had two children, Mary Ann Caroline (1856) and Robert William (1858). Robert died in 1877.