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George Pochin  (1633 - 1704)

George was born in Fyfield, Essex, in 1633 and died in 1704.  He was buried 16th June 1704.

Abigail Smith  (1643 - c.1669)

Abigail was the daughter of John Smith who died in 1669.

Their children were were all born in London:

........ Pochin was born and died in 1663.

Abigail Pochin was born in 1665.

George Pochin was born in 1667.  See next.

John Pochin married Elizabeth Savil in Chigwell, Essex, 12 February 1701.  They had a son, John, born in Shelley, Essex, in 1704.  John senior died in 1722.

Abigail died about 1669.  George then married Mary Fryer and together they had ten children, most of whom died in infancy:

Mary Pochin died in 1671.

Thomas Pochin was born in 1672.

Robert Pochin was born in 1674 and died in 1694.

Mary Pochin was born in 1675

Thomas Pochin was born in 1677 and died the following year.

William Pochin was born and died in 1679.

William Pochin was born and died in 1680.

Matthew Pochin died in 1681.

Frances Pochin was born and died in 1683.

Joseph Pochin was born and died in 1685.

George Pochin  (1667 - 1717)

George was born in 1667 and died in London in 1717.

Mary Knapp  (1665 -       )

Mary was baptised at St Mary Aldermary with St Thomas the Apostle, London, 11 June 1665.

Their children were all baptised at St Mildred Bread Street with St Margaret Moses, London:

George Pochin was baptised at St Michael Bassishaw 14 December 1691.

Catherine Pochin was baptised 11 November 1692 and was buried 3 days later.

John Pochin was baptised 19 November 1693.  He died aged 2 months.

Mary Pochin was baptised 1 October 1695.  She married Frederick Wagner.

John Pochin was baptised 12 January 1697.

Jane Pochin was baptised 25 January 1698.  She died aged 4 and was buried 4 June 1702.

Jeremy Pochin was baptised 8 March 1700.

Abigail Pochin was baptised 4 June 1702.

George Pochin was baptised 16 June 1704.

Robert Pochin was baptised and 15 June 1705.  He died aged 6 months.

Charles Pochin was baptised 24 February 1708.  He died aged 16 months.

Elizabeth Pochin was baptised 8 November 1711.