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Frederick Wagner(      -       )

The surname is also spellt Wagoner. He was a salter.

Mary Pochin   (1695 -       )

Born in London in 1695.

Their children were:

Charles William Wagner (or Wagoner). Bap. 10 March 1724. See next

Haswell Frederick Wagner   Sometimes Frederick Haswell Wagner, born 28 October 1727 and baptised at St James, Westminster. Married Bridget Price 25 November 1750 at St Georges Chapel, Hyde Park Corner, London, and had 10 children: John Frederick (1750/1), Thomas (1752), Richard(1755), Mary (1857), Frederick(1759), Edward Pryce (1761), Bridget (1763), Martha (1765), Anne (1768) and Sophia (1770).

Mary Wagner   born 18 September 1729 and baptised at Salehurst, Sussex.

Charles William Wagner   (1724 - 1776)

Also recorded as Carl Willelm. Baptised 10 March 1724. St James, Westminster, London and died 1776 St Georges, Holborn, London

Cecilia Laramandi

They were married 27 November 1747 at Lincoln Inn Fields Church, Holborn, London.
He died aged 51, but she is said to have lived till she was 84 (c. 1810).

Their children were:

Frederick Carl Wagner   born 11 August 1749, Lincoln Inn Fields

Cecilia Wagner   b. about 1760. Married Gasparo Grimani.

Carl Willelm Wagner   born 10 January 1768, Lincoln Inn Fields. Also recorded as Carolus Willelmus.