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Fred Martin

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Each page of this website is devoted to a different surname, and starts with the earliest generation.

No names of living persons appear on any page.

I would be pleased to hear from anyone who is related to any person mentioned here.  If you have your own family tree website I will willingly include a link from mine to yours.  Please write to me.


Main surnames:

Starosta (Poland - Oborniki, Dundee)
Stewart (Angus - Monikie, Dundee)
McFarlane (Perthshire - Findo Gask, Auchterarder, Dundee)
Dreger (Poland - Oborniki)

Other ancestral surnames:

Barrie (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
Caitnes (Angus - Panbride)
Carey / Carry (Angus - Monikie)
Christie (Dundee)
Christie (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
Clerk (Angus - Panbride)
Couper (Perth)
Duff (Ireland - Armagh)
Duncan (Angus - Inverarity)
Eggo (Fettercairn, Dundee)
Ferguson (Fife - Tulliallan)
Finn (Dundee)
Jarusz (Poland - Oborniki)
Kobylinska (Poland - Oborniki?)
Lumgare (Angus - Monikie)
McDougall (Fife - Tulliallan, Perthshire - Muthill, Auchterarder)
Misterska (Poland - Oborniki?)
McOwan (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
McIlchonnel (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
McLean (Perth)
Moodie(Angus - Monikie)
Morton (Angus - Inverarity)
Munro (Cromarty, Dundee)
Ower (Perth, Dundee)
Rea (Dundee)
Rennie (Fettercairn)
Rodgers (Ireland - Armagh, Glasgow)
Ronke (Poland - Oborniki?)
Ruddy / Roddie (Ireland - Armagh, Glasgow)
Shepherd (Dundee)
Simpson (Scotland, USA - New jersey)
Smith (Angus - Inverarity)
Tyc (Poland - Oborniki)
Vallange (Perth)
Wright (Perth)

Other surnames appearing:

Andrews (Dundee)
Bell (USA - New jersey)
Borland (Dundee)
Borowicz (Poland - Oborniki)
Burns (Dundee)
Cameron (Perthshire - Comrie)
Chmielewska (Poland - Oborniki)
Corbett (Cromarty, Dundee)
Crawford (USA - New jersey)
Cummin (Perthshire - Little Dunkeld)
Culross (Dundee)
Dewar (Perth)
Dorward (Dundee)
Duffy (Ireland - Armagh)
Duffy (Dundee)
Duyer (USA - New jersey)
Fitchet (Angus - Monikie)
Fyall (Dundee - Canada)
Gardner (Angus - Monikie)
Gerrard (Dundee)
Glover (Ireland)
Gray (Angus - Inverarity?)
Hamilton (USA - New jersey)
Hay (Dundee)
Hird (Dundee)
Keill (Perth)
Kerr (Angus - Monikie)
Lawrence (Angus - Monifieth)
Leighton (Dundee, USA)
Lorimer (Dundee)
Marbaniang (India, Dundee)
Matthew (Dundee)
McEwan (Dundee)
McIntyre (Dundee)
McLeish (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
McMahon (Dundee)
Murray (Dundee)
Olejniczak (Poland - Oborniki?)
Orchard (Dundee)
Palinkiewitz (Poland - Oborniki)
Paterson (Glasgow)
Paterson (Dundee)
Pattison (Dundee?)
Pertek (Poland - Oborniki?)
Pettigrew (Lanark, Barony)
Reid (Ireland, Dundee)
Reid (USA - New jersey)
Salmond (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
Scott (Perth)
Skrzypek (Poland - Oborniki)
Stalker (Perthshire - Auchterarder)
Strong (Dundee)
Thomson (Muckersie?)
Taylor (Dundee)
Tully (Dundee)
Wyness (USA - New jersey)

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